My name is Jennifer Gait and I am an ex-nurse, ex-healthcare policy analyst who spent most of my career working with, and believing in, the medical model.  It wasn’t until I was sidelined by chronic pain as a result of a back injury, that I had the leisure, and the impetus, to look into other forms of healing.  I eventually healed the chronic pain through neuroplasticity, by training my brain to let the pain go.  By then I had reached reirement age, so I now have time to examine what causes illness of all types.  I am addicted to reading about alternative health and the ways in which we cause illness and can heal from illness.

Creative Health Secrets offers information on creative health and healing, and on living a healthy life.  The focus will be on what you can do to create optimum health or heal  from injury or illness, either by incorporating something into your life, or by dropping a harmful habit. These suggestions will include skills to develop or actions to take, but products that facilitate your learning, or improve your nutrition may also be suggested.

Healing does not mean physical cure, although it may lead to that.  People may also receive emotional, attitudinal or spiritual healing, but still live with the physical condition, or die from it.  These forms of healing almost always lead to a greater sense of peace.

If you have ongoing symptoms or a medical diagnosis, it is important that you either seek medical care, or continue to work with your doctor. The information given here is not medical advice. In some cases failure to seek timely medical advice or to follow such advice could lead to worsening of a condition or untimely death.  However, I believe that even when working with a health care practitioner, we ourselves can do much to heal the underlying causes of the condition.



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