Be Yourself To Create Health

Trying to be other than yourself, is stressful and stress is not likely to create health in our lives.  But too often we try to seek approval by being who other want us to be, or whom we think they want us to be.   I know because I’m guilty of it myself.

Take this blog for example.  I was telling a friend the other day how difficult I find it to write posts, and I wondered why that would be since writing is something I normally enjoy.  But some weeks I cannot bring myself to write a post, let alone several, and when I do force myself to do it, it’s like pulling hen’s teeth.  I’m passionate about the subject of creating health, but I can’t write about it.

“That’s because you are not writing from your own experience,” she said.  “You write best when you bring yourself into it. And that’s what people are interested in.  I want to know what the person writing is like.  I want to know what they think.  That does not come across in your blog. Be yourself in your writing.”

She is right.  Even though I have been writing what I believe to be true, I have been coming across like God.  And it’s exhausting pretending to be God.   So be prepared for a different style

The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.  ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I’m not quite sure how it will be.  Time will tell.

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41 thoughts on “Be Yourself To Create Health

  1. Great website that I have now bookmarked and will visit often. I am looking forward to the next article written from your heart.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer!!
    I love reading about what is NOT working in people’s lives, about people’s fears and wonderings, about the difficulties of daily life (even about trying to choose an effective but ethical laundry soap!.
    There are people telling me how to live everywhere I look and all the time. I want to know about people who are observing and wondering about simple everyday stuff: getting old, becoming a vegetarian, gardening, pets, food, laundry……..

    I especially like your last line:
    “I’m not quite sure how it will be” – as that feels so real.
    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you Karen – I hope that I continue to be real. Please comment and let me know if I’m not.

      The number of decisions that we all have to make on a daily basis seems to have increased exponentially over the past few years and to have got more difficult because the criteria to use are often unclear. How do you decide on an ethical laundry soap ,or a good multivitatmin? I think that we often have to choose an expert whom we trust and take their advice, then if later it turns out not to be right for us, to make another decision , but not beat ourselvers up. Really just having the awareness that there is a descision to be made is often a huge step forward.

    1. Hi Raelene, I will be happy to guest write for other blogs. I used to freelance off-line, but have not done so for a few years.

      I visited your site – I think my cucumber crop will be better this year!

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  6. Ayurveda, a purely holistic and natural suggests that of maintaining balance in body and mind works as a result of it takes under consideration that your mind, body and lifestyle all influence each other. How else may your mind be able to affect your body? Many scientists have investigated this actual question. One study found that once just five minutes of ‘caring and compassionate’ thoughts, the levels of volunteers’ immune systems had risen considerably, taking 5 hours to come back to the levels before the experiment. Furthermore, the identical study found that thoughts of ‘anger and frustration’ reduced the amount of the volunteers’ immune systems for the same period. But the impact of your mind doesn’t stop there.

  7. I was’nt sure I would like this site since it was about Be Yourself to create health | Creative Health Secrets but I was wrong and thought it was cool and found it on AOL . Thanks and I’ll be back as you update.

  8. Appreciate it for a pretty clear and practical submit. I’m undeniably a violator of lots of these procedures. I frequently uncover myself conflicted when producing a weblog post because I see myself writing more than consumers prefer to learn, but I really feel that I should do the subject matter proper rights by thoroughly covering it. I experience that by following a few of these guidelines I finish up cutting out crucial factors to the dialogue. I guess you’ve got to uncover a balance.

    1. I too find it difficult to decide how much information to include. It is good when readers like you give specific feedback about what they find difficult or what they liked or didn’t like about the post, because I can learn from that.

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