Benefits of Yoga: What It Can Do For You

Today I read a useful post on what yoga can do for you at  Creating Health Chiropractic.  It caught my eye for two resaons.  The first because I had jsut returned from my first yoga class in about four months, and the second because their blog post mentions the mental and spiritual benefits, as well as the physical ones.  My yoga practice today showed me that all three of these benefits tend to degrade when regular practice is interrupted.

My physical condition has definitely deteriorated in the past four months of no yoga, and it’s not as though I used to do yoga every day.  I went once or twice a week at most.   Although I have been going to the gym and pool regularly, too much sitting at a computer has reduced my flexibility and has done nothing for my balance.  I actually fell over during a standing pose today!  But, perhaps more importantly, I found that my focus was poor, so I was continually having to bring myself back to focus inside, rather than on my frustration, or on what was happening in the class.  I definitely wasn’t feeling at home in my body.

What was lacking was focus, but more than that – I was lacking awareness.  Now I am not exactly sure what awareness is, but it’s probably what  is there when you are completely in the moment and being the silent witness observing what is going on.  But it can also be more than that – I have had two occasions where I have felt part of everything, and that was definitely different from the silent witness stance.   It’s probably like learning to ride a bike.  Imagine a small child on a bike with  training wheels turning so quickly that the training wheel on the outer edge of the turn leaves the ground.   The child must feel that he has mastered balancing in sharp turns, although  it’s the training wheel on the inside of the turn that keeps him balanced   Becoming one with everthing for a second or two was like taking a turn with one training wheel briefly off the ground. I hope to graduate from training wheels in the future.

Anyway, yoga can help you get there, wherever there may be.  So can meditation, and probably any number of practices that require you to be in the moment for long period of time.  But yoga helps the body too, so give it a try.

Oh yes! The benefit of yoga, and what it can do for you is:

  • make you more flexible;
  • increase muscle strength;
  • tone your muscles and improve posture;
  • improve body alignment;
  • help you breathe better;
  • increase mental calmness;
  • decrease sress; and
  • increse your level of comfort in your body.

To read more about these yoga benefits, visit Creative Health Chiropractic.  If you also discover awareness along the way, let me know.

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