Conscious Creation And Managing Energy

Managing Energy in Conscious CreationDo you try to manage time?  Conscious creation of value requires managing energy, rather than time,  throughout the day. It  makes you more effective.  Time is a constant, but energy waxes and wanes through the day.   Performing a task with high energy leads to high focus and productivity because you are fully engaged in the task.   If the same task is  performed with low energy, focus is lacking, engagement is low and performance suffers.

Over time, filling each unforgiving minute with activity can lead to exhaustion and feelings of stress, which can ultimately lead to ill-health.  Feeling uncomfortable emotions that come  from stress, zap energy. This sets up a vicious circle – exhaustion leads to further negativity which leads to further low energy.

On the other hand, consciously creating by managing energy leads to positive emotion, resulting in  better performance, and an enhanced feeling of efficacy which then triggers more positive emotions.  Whatever you are creating – health, a report or a business, you will perform better if you are fully and consciously engaged in what you are doing.

What are the tricks to managing energy?  The first thing is to become aware of feelings and of energy levels.  Low energy or feelings of frustration, anxiety and the like indicate a bad time to engage in activities that require focus and full attention.  These might be good times to take a short rest or to do something less demanding.

The second trick to managing energy is to consciously build it through attention to filling your energy sources.   Your  physical. mental, spiritual and emotional parts can be seen as tanks that must be filled regularly.  If the tanks are running low or are on empty, there will be insufficient energy to perform adequately. It is similar to gas in a car.  You have put gas in the tank before you can drive the car.  If you keep driving without replenishing the gas in the tank, you will eventually stop and be unable to go any further.

Physical energy is created through a nutritious diet, regular exercise, periodic rest and renewal, and adequate sleep.  Physical energy is the platform in which all the others rest.  You need physical energy to use all other types.

Mental energy is built through focusing on one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking diffuses the energy needed to produce something of value.  To create value,  it is important that energy is directed to the most important task for a sustained period of time.  Doing more than one thing at a time is distracting and interferes with the concentration required to create something worthwhile.

Emotional energy is created through feelings of self-worth and self-efficacy.  Feeling bad about yourself or your ability to perform the task, or that the task is not worthwhile or even possible,  will seriously get in the way of creating something of value.  Other emotions like anger, grief, resentment and the like will drain you and seriously interfere with creation.  You can learn how to cultivate positive emotions, which will help to promote feelings of worth and ability to perform.

Spiritual energy is created when you are fully engaged in doing something you love and that is important to you.  This can be anything that makes you feel good and brings you joy. It may be a hobby, spending fun time with children friends or animals, getting out into nature, playing a game, or engaging in an artistic pursuit.

Conscious Creation of Music Manages Spiritual Energy

  When you are consciously engaged in doing something you love, your spiritual energy is high, you feel good about yourself and raise all the other sources of energy.

If you are trying to create  something – say a career, a business, a happy family life, health or healing –  filling all your energy tanks is important. But spiritual energy becomes  especially important because this is the area that people often ignore.  Also, because when you do something you love you  re-create yourself. In that moment you become the best you can be – free from worry, strife or all the other emotions that drain you.  Repeat those moments on a regular basis, and miracles can happen.

So stop managing time to order your day.  Become conscious of  the ease of creation when managing energy.  Fill up your tanks, set your intention and drive down the highway of conscious creation, stopping to rest and smell the roses when energy wanes.

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9 thoughts on “Conscious Creation And Managing Energy

  1. Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. In fact, there’s a growing field of health care known as Music Therapy, which uses music to heal. Those who practice music therapy are finding a benefit in using music to help cancer patients, children with ADD, and others.

    1. Is that because I did not mention God when talking about spiritual energy? The way I see it all energy comes from the Universe, Source, God – whatever you want to call it. When our energy is vibrating at the same frequency as that of the Universe then we are at one with Source. We can get to that spiritual energy vibration by doing things that we love – when we are in a state of love, joy, and gratitude, then we are, I think, at one with God. I said in the post that physical energy is the bedrock on which the others are built, and for most of us that is true. But spiritual energy is a close second because when it is high our mental and emotional energy is also high (we love ourselves and other as ourself), and we will look after our physical needs better.

  2. Thanks. I have taken both a journalism and magazine writing course at University, but also worked in a job for many years that involved writing reports, papers and the like – plus posting on my blog has improved my writing. I think that the secret to writing, is to keep doing it and do it often. Does anyone out there want to pay me to write for them?

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