Conscious Creation: Changing Your Response

To identify what conscious creation is, it’s helpful to look first at unconscious creation.

Unconsciously Creating

Have you ever wondered why you keep losing weight only to gain it back within a year, why you have a string of failed relationships, a number of jobs with  bosses from hell, or why you are never quite able to make ends meet?   Perhaps the above circumstances  don’t quite fit , but you have other areas of your life where things never seem to go quite right and you get what you don’t want.

The reason these things keep happening to you is because you are unconsciously creating them.  You may think that most of your troubles stem from other people or the circumstances in your life, but it’s your response to these events that brings about your results.  You may not be able to choose the  events in your life, but you can always choose your response.  And miraculously, when you change your response the events may change too.

Consciously Decide What You Want

Changing your response first requires that you become consciously aware of what you want.  If you want a better relationship with your boss, what Conscious creation at workwould a better relationship look like exactly?  One way of deciding might be to make a list of all the things that you don’t like about the relationship, and then writing the opposite.  For example if you wrote ‘my boss expects me to deliver reports in an unreasonable length of time’ the opposite could be ‘my boss gives me adequate time to do the work he assigns.’

Consciously Change Your Current Response

Once your list of wants is complete, then look at what you may be doing to prevent you getting what you want.  In the situation where you have to complete work in less time than it takes to do an adequate job, are you letting your boss know how long it would take, and the other work that you already have to complete?  You could ask her ‘what has priority? ‘ If your boss says the new assignment has priority, then let her know just what you can do in the time allotted.  Strange though it may seem, bosses often do not know what is involved in producing the work they ask for.  I once had a boss drop 10 years of data for 30 causes of death in 20 local health areas on my desk, saying: “Analyse this, I need it in two days.”

If you really cannot come up with how you could respond differently, find someone in your workplace that seems to have a good relationship with him, and ask how they manage the situations that you find problematic.

Create Health Through Conscious Creation

Conscious creation by becoming aware of what you do want, your part in getting what you don’t want, and then changing your current response, will take work and, perhaps, courage.   But the outcome will be less stress and greater happiness, and these are both part of creative health.

Photocredit: Skeggy
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