Conscious Health Creation

The focus of this blog is that health is created through habitual emotions, thoughts and actions.  The health created may be good or bad.  I believe that for the most part good health is a conscious creation, while poor health is  generally created unconsciously.  That is not to say that illness can always be avoided, but those who consciously focus on creating good health are less likely to become ill, and will probably heal faster when they do.

Health As A Creative Process

Creating health is like aHaida creation myth carvingny other  creative process.  As an artist about to create a piece of art you will likely start out with an idea of what it is you are going to create – a painting, a movie, a sculpture, or even a novel. You will also have some impression of the finished creation.  It may be a watercolour of a landscape, a sculpture of a horse or a novel about infidelity.  So you start with a conscious intention to create and while you do not know exactly how the finished product will look, you know enough to guide your initial actions.

Once you get started on your project you are guided by your conscious awareness of how it meets your initial goals.  You stay present, receive information from your creation and your feelings about it, evaluate it and continue or make changes as required to achieve your initial vision.  Or maybe the vision changes, you change your actions to fit the new intention and your intended creation morphs into something better that you initially envisioned. By continuing in this fashion you eventually end up creating your work of art, or in this case – better health.

Conscious Creation Not Always Easy

Of course it is not as straight-forward as I have made out.  Consciously creating something we are invested in arouses our fears, concerns about our worth and our ability to produce.  Bill Reid, the Canadian First Nations’ artist who produced the above carving of the Haida Nation’s creation myth, likely had days when he wondered if he could create the image he had  for this project, or possibly days when he just did not want to carve.  But the fact that he completed the project shows that he stuck with it and did whatever it took to achieve his goal.

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to? Tony Robbins

Although  an experienced and well-known artist when he died in 1998, Reid worked in radio until he was 38, only then turning to art as a full-time career.  He showed that it  never too late to become a creator.  I believe that all of us can create better health, or at least can feel better about our health, if we consciously set out to do so.

What do you think?  If you are an artist of  some kind, how do see the creative process applying to health?  Or are you someone, or know someone, who has used conscious health creation to change their health status.  Leave a comment to let me know how this fits for you.

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