Create Healing Through Conscious Living

If healing comes from a change in consciousness, then the only way to create healing is through conscious living.   What does this mean?

Accepting What Is

First and foremost conscious living means being aware of what is happening inside and outside ourselves in every moment, and accepting it.  Acceptance comes from not  judging reality as right or wrong, good or bad, but simply seeing it as what is.  We do not have to like it, or want it to be that way, or think that because we accept it we cannot change it.

If we don’t like what is happening, resisting it not helpful because it causes pain and stress and keeps us stuck.  If change is possible then accepting what is will enable us to more quickly see what we may be doing to cause the situation, and what we can do to change it.

If change is not possible, then acceptance  will bring us back to emotional equilibrium faster than resistance.   Most of us know someone who has never accepted something that happened years ago.  Usually they are not happy people, and many have some chronic health condition. Chronic stress causes our cells to be constantly be constantly bathed in toxic stress hormones which damage them. It also lowers the immune system making people more  susceptible to cancer or auto-immune diseases.

So illness can be created through non-acceptance of what is, or was, as a result of living unconsciously.   To create health,  conscious living must become a priority

Staying in Reality

Another important facet of conscious living is to stay in reality by living in the moment.  Common ways of escaping reality include watching  TV, playing video games or searching the internet, sleeping excessively, shopping for things you don’t need,  reading novels, daydreaming, or using substances like drugs or alcohol.  None of these, with the exception of using drugs, is necessarily harmful when done occasionally, but excess use stops us from living consciously.

Something that many people do is to make up stories about what happened.  They then react to the story rather than responding to the event itself.  Over time the story becomes the reality, and this can colour how they see others and other events.

A client told me a story of how when she was 18 her boyfriend had a one-night stand with one of her friends.  The story that she made up was that men are not to be trusted, they will always be unfaithful and will leave he for another.  Not surprisingly she had no successful relationships, because she could never allow herself to trust the man she was with.  After attending a consciousness-raising seminar at the age of 45 she realised that the event and her story were quite different and that just because she had one bad experience did not mean that all men were untrustworthy.  Shortly afterwards she entered a relationship and is now engaged to be married.

This is an example of healing beliefs.  To create healing in the body it is often necessary to heal all areas of life  –  mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.  We can create healing through conscious living by making the intention to live a conscious life and then becoming aware of what we are doing to block consciousness.

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