Five Protein Foods That Burn Fat for Healthy Weight Loss

Fat loss can be accelerated when the tips described in Healthy Weight Loss are combined with foods that burn fat. Some foods that burn fat do so because the food contains fewer calories than they require to break down and digest. Others may burn fat through raising the body temperature, stabilizing blood sugar, detoxifying the liver so it can burn fat, eliminating water from the tissues, or boosting the body energy.

Protein is harder to metabolize than fat or carbohydrates so uses more calories to digest.  It also stays in the stomach longer so keeps you feeling fuller.  It is particularly effective in weight loss because it builds muscle, so ensures that you lose fat not muscle,

Healthy weight loss requires a balanced diet. The five fat-burning foods below are all sources of protein. Other categories of foods that burn fat – vegetables, fruits, and herbs and spices – will be covered in future posts.

Salmon burns fat by stabilizing the blood sugar, producing energy and lowering cholesterol. Rich in omega- 3 fats, an average portion of salmon provides about half the protein required for a day with very little saturated fat, but abundant antioxidants and vitamin B. Eat salmon at least twice a week. Refrigerate after buying and eat within two days. If using canned salmon, buy it packed in water, not oil.

Grass-fed Organic Beef’s different nutritional profile from that of beef fattened on grain, makes it a fat-burning food that is also free of antibiotics, added hormones and pesticides. Grass-fed beef contains less fat, and three times as many healthy omega-3 fats as grain-fed beef. It contains conjugated-linoleic acid (CLA) which burns body-fat while maintaining muscle mass. Eat up to four four-ounce servings a week. Read about other health benefits of organic beef .

Eggs are a nutrient-rich food that burns fat by stabilizing the blood sugar and energizing the body. Hard-boiled eggs take more calories to digest than are in the egg, so promote fat loss. Eggs from chickens that range freely in pasture have less cholesterol and saturated fat than confined chickens, and twice the omega-3 fatty acids, so are healthier. Eat up to two eggs a day, but talk to your doctor before doing so if you have heart disease or a close relative with heart disease.

Lamb burns fat by energizing the body and stabilizing the blood sugar. Lamb is a complete protein, and contains several vitamins and minerals that offer other advantages besides weight loss. Eat once or twice per week.

Whey is complete protein that comes from milk and helps burn body-fat by stabilizing blood sugar, energizing the body, and increasing muscle mass. Whey has a number of other health benefits, including reduction in the risk of certain cancers. Buy only good-quality whey that is lactose-free, and has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sweetening with Stevia with inulin is permissible. Use one or two (if very active) servings of whey daily. Mix it with water or juice as a drink, or with fruit for a snack or smoothie.

How much protein should you eat?  Protein is the major component of all cells, including bone.  We need it for growth, development, and immunity to fight off infections and protect the body.  In weight-loss, it should make up about 30 per cent of the calories in the diet (protein has 4 calories per gram)..  Provided you don’t have kidney disease (if you do, you should check with your doctor to see how much protein is safe for you to have) a high intake of protein should not harm you.  Experts suggest, that for weight loss, 120 grams of protein a day is the optimum amount, but it should be built up slowly over a week or so.

Information on amount of protein for weight loss from WebMD.
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