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Hello.  My name is Jennifer Gait and as a nurse, researcher, and policy analyst, I worked in the healthcare field for almost 40 years.  However, it was not until I had a back injury that left me with severe chronic pain that I learned that health is an inside job.  Doctors, nurses and the health-care system can only do so much.  It’s up to each person to maintain their health or to trigger healing within themselves if their health breaks down.

My back injury and the pain resulting  from it were a gift.  They gave me the time and the impetus to look at what I could do to help myself  heal, and in doing so I changed my life.   I had already had surgery so all that the health-care system could offer was pain killers – these helped somewhat, as did an excellent water therapy program, but I was still far from being remotely functional.

Because of the pain I could sit, stand or walk for only a linited time, so was constantly alternating between them, then after an hour or so would lie down for a rest.  These rest periods were  spent reading and watching videos:  first on pain management and then on  holistic medicine, meditation and visualization, eastern beliefs about the body, quantum physics, mind-body medicine, energy medicine – in fact anything I could find about the body and creating healing.

It took me several years to beome fully functional, mostly because I did not have a guide so was inventing my own wheel.  Along the way I studied the nutritional needs of the body, lost weight,  learned Reiki and visualization and practiced them daily, learned to release unwanted emotions and beliefs, studied a Course in Miracles and Buddhism, meditated, learned about mindfulness and the neuroplasticity of the brain, and had psychotherapy. It is not necessary to do these things to heal, though some of them, or other modalities, may be helpful for some people.

I hope that I can be a guide to help you create health or healing.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Creative Health Secrets

    1. Thank you Roxanna,
      I think it was likely driven at first by desperation, and the strength came as I found that what I was doing was helping.

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my site http://topnaturalralremedies.com and yes I am interested in the device that you mentioned that Dr. Doidge describes that retrains the brain so please let me know when you find what it is. If it could be helpful for my readers then I would like to tell them about it.

    Also seems your site is designed around the same purpose as mine which is to help others learn that we are our own best health advocates and doctors, nurses and hospitals can only do so much. I wish you success with your goal.


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