Creative Healing Tools: Meditation

Creative healing is a decision, a commitment, and a conscious act, that may involve using creative healing tools.  It is also holistic healing, so involves more than following doctor’s orders, taking medication or having surgery, though these also may also be involved. Both holistic and creative healing involve commitment to the growth of the self and to a self-directed life that will lead to wellbeing. This requires conscious living.

Living consciously entails living an authentic life. It’s impossible to be authentic unless we know ourselves at a deep level. To know anything deeply, to really understand it, requires spending time in being with and observing it. Similarly, to know ourselves deeply we must spend time being with and observing ourselves.

The first step in self-knowledge is to quiet the mind. Most minds constantly analyze the same information using the biases, prejudices and ideas they have always used, so arrive at the same conclusions they always have. As a result, life and events become predictable and difficulties in relationships become entrenched. Stopping the incessant mind-chatter is necessary to gain a fresh perspective.

meditation for creative healingMeditation is perhaps the best known method for quieting the mind. The purpose of meditation is not primarily to have a wonderful experience, but to develop the ability to focus, be mindful of what is happening in the moment, and to observe thoughts and emotions without reacting to them. Just by watching them come and go we realize how impermanent they are.

There are many ways to meditate, and not all of them involve sitting still on a cushion or upright chair. Meditation can be done with eyes open or closed, while standing, walking, engaging mindfully in day-to-day activities, focusing on an object or scene without internally commenting on it, or by repeating a mantra, Yoga, tai chi and qi gong can also be meditative practices.

The common threads in any form of meditation are to focus on something and to let distractions come and go without suppressing them or becoming entangled with them. This is done by simply returning to the focus. By doing this the mind will calm down.

Once the mind is calm, the self-knowledge needed for creative  holistic healing can then be enhanced through self-exploration.

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8 thoughts on “Creative Healing Tools: Meditation

  1. hey this is a cool article. I was just wondering if I can reprint any of it on my own page? I would obviously link back to it so my visitors could read the full post on your page. Please let me know if that’s ok. Thanks either way.

  2. This is a great article on the benefits of meditation. I’ve recently started setting aside a minimum of 20 minutes a day for a guided meditation. It feels great to just focus on breathing. It really is an excellent tool as far as holistic healing and holistic wellness.

    Someday when I’ve practiced a fair bit I may go on a meditation retreat. I think it would be a great way to get back in touch with the present moment.


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