How To Improve Your Health Through the Power of Intention

Intention is a statement about a purpose to achieve something you want. It focuses your mind on your goal and brings ideas on how to get there.   The following steps show how to improve your health through the power of intention. Working through the steps will keep you focused on making the change you want to see.

Decide On The Health Improvement You Want

Start by deciding what aspect of your health you would like to improve, and  what you would like to see instead. Don’t limit yourself to what you think is realistic, but state what you would really like.  For example, if your normal weight for your height is 140 lbs, but you weigh 250 lbs, then don’t settle for 190, but aim for 140 – even if you only get to 150 you will be happy.  Of course there are some things that are not possible, or at least highly unlikely.  If you have had an amputation, or an organ removed they are not likely to regenerate.  Your focus then might be on managing well without the limb or feeling at peace with the loss.

Decide How You’ll Know When You Get There

Decide how you will know when you’ve achieved the change in your health you want? Some things like the scale showing 140 lbs will be obvious. But what will ‘more mobile’ or ‘have less pain’ look like.  What will your senses tell you? What will emotions will you feel? What might you be doing that you are not doing now?  How else might you know?  These will be part of your intention.

State Your Intention

State what you want in positive terms  and include the possibility that you might get something else better.  An intention for pain-free  mobility might be, “I intend that I will  walk 100 yards comfortably and easily by January 30th, 2011.  I want this or something better.”  It is important to state it in the positive, because the subconscious does not hear negative terms like ‘not’  ‘’never,’ or ‘without’, so if you tell yourself that you are moving without pain, your subconscious will hear that you are moving with pain.

Imagine Yourself Having Made The Change

Create the  health improvement you want by imagining it every day. Imagination is critical in bringing an intention into being.  Create an affirmation from your intention that assumes the goal is already accomlished and the feelings you will have when it is accomplished.  For example, using the intention in the previous step, your affirmation might be, “I am so happy and grateful that I am walking 100 yards comfortably and easily.”   As you say it, imagine yourself doing it, and  feel the emotion you would be feeling.  Positive emotions are very powerful in effecting change.

Overcome disbelief

If you find it dificult to imagine yourself with the health outcome you want, then  imagine the first thing you would see as you move towards the body you desire. Suppose you do have a mobility problem  – what would be the first thing that you would see that tells you it is improving. Maybe your balance would improve or you would be able to walk a little further than you can right now. make an intention and affirmation for that, then imagine it every day.  Once you have achieved that then imagine how the next step would look and feel.

Don’t Worry About How You Will Get There

Be open to any means of improving your health.  Don’t immediately determine how you will create the change in your health, or worry about how it will happen. Instead be open to any ideas that come to you. Then try them out to see if they are helpful.

Be GratefulAnd Celebrate Your Successes

Be grateful for any movement towards your goal, and celebrate these achievements in some way. Gratitude and love are powerful emotions that can change the structure of our bodies, and our health.

A Japanese physician, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that he could change the molecular structure of water simply by taping messages to vials of water, which he would later freeze and view under a dark-field microscope. Messages like ‘Love and Gratitude,’ ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Thank You’ would produce crystals that formed beautiful geometric designs. Messages like ‘Dirty’, ‘You Fool’ or “You Make Me Sick’ produced crystal that were ugly, distorted and random. Our bodies are 70 percent water, so our emotions, thoughts, words and ideas have a great impact on our health.

Record Your Journey

Keep a journal of your progress, or at least list your successes. If at any time you feel overwhelmed or that you are not getting anywhere, read your journal, or look at your list and realize that you have already started to positively change your health and can continue to do so.

You can use this process to heal your body, emotions, or relationships, to find a job that expresses who you are, or for any other part of your life where you want to make a positive change.

Let me know how you make out in using the power of intention to improve your health.

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