Is Your Game of Life A Trivial Pursuit?

Most people have played the game Trivial Pursuit, and  it can be a fun game to game to play with friends, but it’s not fun when we play a version of trivial pursuit on our own day after day.  When your day to day existence becomes a a series of trivial pursuits, life becomes meaningless.  So if your game of life is a trivial pursuit, you need to look at the meaning of your life.

What do I mean by trivial pursuits?  Basically anything done to excess that does not lead to enhancing your life.  Examples are: watching TV for hours, or even frequently watching mindless TV programs; spending hours shopping to accumulate stuff (clothes, household items, CDs, or electronics.) you Watching TV a trivial pursuitdon’t need and will rarely use; keeping the house spotless; keeping up with the Jones’; accumulating wealth just for the sake of being wealthy; frequently talking on the phone for hours about nothing in particular; worrying; drinking to excess or getting high on drugs every day; constantly renovating your house; or working such long hours that you spend very little time with your family.

When you come to the end of your life, will these be the things you look back on and say “I’m glad I did that. It added so much to my life.”

Probably not.  The times you will remember will be the time you spent with those you love, in service to others, tending a garden, sitting by a lake and drinking in the peace and beauty of nature, creating something of beauty, teaching others a skill, or in spiritual pursuits.

Life is too short to waste on things that are meaningless, and we never know how long it will be.  Any one of us could be dead tomorrow.

A friend told me about her Aunt’s memorial service where everyone that spoke said the same thing, “She kept her house very tidy.”

Is that how you want to be remembered?

If not, and if your life is currently nothing but a trivial pursuit, or a series of them, then find something that will make it meaningful while there is still time. You will likely be happier and happiness generally creates health.

So act now.  Think of something you can give to life, and put it into action.  Once you do so the game of life will  become so exciting that your former trivial pursuits will no longer seem attractive.

If this post applies to you, leave a comment and tell us what you have decided to do.

Photocredit: Islandjoe
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