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The science of mind body health, often called mind body medicine, is one of the secrets to creative health that luckily is becoming less secret and more mainstream.     Learning about and using this health secret requires us to change the model of science that we generally use when thinking about our body.

Mind body medicine examines how the mind influences the body  through beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  There are a number of relatively new branches of medicine that deal with this including psychoneuroimmunology (psycho-neuro-immun-ology) , which studies the interaction between the mind. nervous system. immune and hormonal systems.

It is now recognised that the brain influencers many bodily processes and that there is a psychological effect on several disease including rheumatoid  arthritis, heart disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The Biomedical Model  and Newtonian Physics

The biomedical model of disease, the one used in medicine since the 1700s, is based on Newtonian physics. which looks at the laws governing the relatively large objects we see in everyday life.  In this view  the body is seen  as  sophisticated machine (like a car), made up of separate parts that to a large extent function individually.  Illness is seen as a malfunction of one or more parts, and repair or replacement of the part(s) is required to bring the body back to ‘health’ or good working order.

In this model, the body owner can do little to repair their own machine, though they can help to keep it in working order by providing certain nutrients (akin to oil and gasoline) or exercise to keep it running.  Certain aspects of the body owner, such as spiritual and other beliefs and practices, emotions, thoughts, and happiness in jobs or in  relationships, are not seen as contributing to health.

Mind Body Health and Quantum Physics

The  model of the body in mind body medicine , one not yet adopted by most medical practitioners, is based on quantum physics.

The science of quantum physics looks at the laws governing matter and energy at the molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels, which we cannot observe with the human eye.   At  the molecular and sub-atomic levels matter is not solid, and everything is essentially energy, since at this level matter can transform into energy and so does not exist with any certainty.  In this view, the world, and therefore the body,  is an intricate web of energy patterns.

Early  quantum physics experiments showed that the expectations of scientists carrying out the experiments influenced the outcome.   Thoughts are a form of energy and the thoughts  that scientists had about what they would discover in an experiment influenced the energy of the sub-atomic structures they were measuring.

So too, the energy we put out through our thoughts and emotions  can influence the chemical substances released within our bodies and thus affect our health.   How this happens will be covered in the next post.

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    1. ‘This’ referred to how our thoughts and emotions affect our health, and was covered in the post entitled ‘The Health Effects of Stress’

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