Quick And Easy Natural Remedies For A Bad Mood

Do you allow bad moods to ruin your day? If so, using natural remedies that send  a bad mood packing will save you a lot of pain.   When you are feeling sad, anxious, depressed, afraid, or any other feeling you don’t want, change your mood by using one or more of the following mood remedies.

Acknowledge The Emotion And Let Yourself Feel It

Feeling an unwanted emotion or physical feeling is the last thing most people would choose to do, yet it is generally the most effective of these quick and easy natural remedies for a bad mood.  With regular practice, feeling the emotion as best you can, and allowing yourself to go into it as deeply as possible, will bring you to a place of calm and peace.  The suffering you feel from an unwanted emotion or physical feeling comes from the resistance you feel towards it and the beliefs and stories you tell your self about it. Allowing the emotion or physical feeling to be there without trying to push it away or to develop a story around it, acknowledges its presence, gives it legitimacy and stops the suffering, even though the pain may continue.

Truly feeling a feeling does not mean you have to like it. Just accept its presence in the present moment without worry about the moments to come or the moment past.  Actually giving your attention to feelings  rather than to your thoughts or fears about them, can cause them to soften and develop more space around them.

Move Around

Exercise is an excellent natural remedy to raise your mood. Low-to-moderate-intensity exercise increases the production of the feel good hormones, serotonin and dopamine. Even a 15 minute walk can be an effective mood treatment.   If even that is too much, then simply moving around in your house or yard may make you feel a bit better.


Singing, chanting or humming are great mood improvers, and have been shown to increase stress-reducing hormones and boost the immune system.    Just listening to music does not have the same effects.  It is not necessary to have a good singing voice in order to raise your mood by raising your voice in song.

Write Towards The Light

Express your feelings in writing.  One way is through what Julie Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, calls ‘morning pages’ when you write about what is on your mind, without stopping, for three pages.  If you cannot think of anything to write, then write ‘I can’t think of anything to write” until another thought comes up.

Just writing down your thoughts and your feelings can help you to see them more clearly and let them go. Also, over time you might notice themes arising that can help you identify triggers for certain moods. You can also be more formal so that your writing is not just as a stream of consciousness, but through use of writing techniques becomes more of an art form

Though these activities are not a cure for serious mood disorders, they may be helpful when used in conjunction with care from a doctor or psychologist.  But for those whose moods are less disabling, these natural remedies for a bad mood may be all you need to turn a bad mood day into one of peace and joy.

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