Steps to Conscious Health Creation: Awareness

Creation is the act of producing or causing to exist.  Conscious health creation springs from wanting health and taking action to achieve that desire.


Conscious Creation: Changingn Your Response identified a step between desire and action.  That step is awareness of what we are doing to prevent us from becoming healthy.  In fact, awareness is crucial at all stages of the health creation process, and in everything we do.  To become conscious we have to be aware.  So let’s start by examining what it means.

I’ll start with a story.  My sister, Sue, used to teach in a school for mentally challenged children.  She had the intake class, where children were admitted for assessment and then moved to a higher class – or not.  So almost all the children in her class had profound cognitive deficits.  She told me once, “Very few of my children are aware of anything outside themselves.”

With the possible exception of absent-minded professors, those  who are not mentally challenged are generally very aware of things outside themselves.  The problem is that many are not fully aware of what is going on inside, or how they may be contributing to these..

Things that people may not be aware of include: their emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and  desires.  The felt sense of the body, how it feels from the inside, is also a stranger to many.   We are embodied beings and the body continually sends messages through emotion, tension or relaxation, and other physical  feelings.  Sometimes these feelings are the first indications of potential illness, which if recognised early can enable us to take steps that stop the illness progressing.

Awareness Without Judgement

One aspect of awareness that is necessary for health is to become aware without judgement.  In yoga it is common to work on one side of the body, then to relax and notice the difference between the two sides.   If after working one leg we relax and discover that it now feels much longer than the other, it obviously makes no sense to judge that feeling as being wrong – or right.

This also applies to any other situation in life. How something is, is not wrong or right. It just is.

But if one leg felt different for no perceptible reason, then  we might try to determine when we first became aware of it, and consciously notice the situations in which it feels different, still without judging it as wrong.  When we judge something wrong, we resist it, and this can lead to denial so we don’t take action when we should.

To create health consciously,  awareness of  our inner state and feelings is key.

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