What Are Creative Health Secrets?

You are probably wondering ‘What is creative health?’ and ‘what are creative health secrets?’  Secrets can be things that are deliberately hidden from us, or  things that most people are not aware of.  The health secrets you will learn on this site fall into the last category.  Most people, including many medical doctors, are unaware of all or some of them.

Rather than something creative, health is generally considered to be something that we have little control over.  Our genes, the environment, luck, and other things we see as beyond our control are thought to be the main determinants of  how healthy we are.   However, if this were the case everyone exposed to the same stimulus would get sick, whereas in fact only a small percentage do. For example, all of us are exposed to toxins, but not everyone gets sick from them.

Why is this?  How do those exposed to toxins who don’t get sick create health?  What is their secret?

Most of them likely do it unwittingly, and so may not be able to reproduce the healthy outcome in other situations.  Every moment of every day, all of us  are creating our health, or lack of it.   There is  a science (a body of knowledge gained through observation and experimentation) behind it, and that science is one of the secrets to creative health that you  will learn on this site.  Once you understand the principles behind this science, you too will be able to start creating health.

My hope  is that this site will help you become aware of how you can create your health to be what you want it to be.

I should add that although I believe that using these creative health secrets will help you to improve your health,  there is no certainty regarding the outcome you will create.  You will see why in the next few posts.

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